Keith P. Munch

Licensed Home Inspector

Keith Munch is the owner and inspector of InspecTEX, LLC. There are many aspects of Keith’s work ethic that set him apart as a home inspector, but his attention to detail and overall discipline are foremost on the list. A home inspection conducted by Keith doesn’t just reveal the most glaring deficiencies, it also sheds light on emerging issues that are likely to develop into more concerning defects later on in the life of the home. Keith is fully committed to helping you protect your interests, giving you the confidence, knowledge, and peace of mind to secure your dream home.

Certified Home Inspector Keith Munch

A Home Inspector Who Thinks Differently

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Keith’s eye for detail and strong belief in disciplined service were shaped long before he became a home inspector. Keith also worked as a self-employed builder and renovator for over 20 years, taking on many high-end projects and earning a reputation for workmanship of a superior quality. With all of this experience under his belt, Keith thinks differently than many others who share his profession—seeing well beyond the home inspector’s basic checklist to recognize and verify the real strengths and flaws of a home’s construction. Home inspection became a natural fit for Keith’s skill set, and he couldn’t feel more at home helping others make the most of their prospective real estate investments.

Honest and Straightforward From Start to Finish

  • Effective communication is critical in this business, and we make sure that our clients are fully aware of what a home has to offer and what improvements they should consider looking into
  • By encouraging every client to attend their home inspection, we strive to make our findings more accessible, facilitating an opportunity for questions to be answered on-site while we’ve all got eyes on the issue at hand
  • Our priority is your protection as a home-buyer, and we’ve built our reputation on total honesty—giving you the full lay of the land, including the strongest parts of the home’s construction as well as any deficiencies we’ve identified

When he’s not inspecting homes, Keith loves spending time out in the wilderness. He is an avid camper, kayaker, fisherman, bird watcher—and the list goes on! Keith also enjoys running marathons, doing jiu jitsu, and adopting dogs from local rescues. Keith is a huge animal lover.

Certified Home Inspector Keith Munch

At InspecTEX, LLC, we offer an investigative home inspection that is in-depth, honest, and capable of making a tremendous difference in your ability to negotiate and invest successfully. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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We are a veteran-owned and operated business.

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